Merry Christmas!

Hi all!

We want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!

        I’m making some smoked salmon at the moment for the traditional Finnish Christmas dinner tomorrow , Patrik went to Sweden for a couple of days to see his family - and is probably back by now (hopefully ;) , Jaakko just got back home from Turisas tour -and hopefully got the time to relax a little , Jussi was also working hard - as he is every year. But now after the first demo sessions, mixing sessions and great German tour we couldn’t be happier at the moment!

It’s been a great year, had a lot of great things with both of my bands, and it feels really good to get the album out with Stone Blue Electric early next year! And we are really waiting for the upcoming shows also!!

        We finalized the album already in the summer and had the video for ’Screaming at the Disco’ ready during the summer aswell. It’s a lot of work and patience to get the album released , and It was nice to finally get to share some news with you guys!!

We appreciate everybody involved in the making of the album and the video, and we feel that after we’ll get the wheels turning or the reindeers running 😅 , it’s gonna be really fun to play next year!! Most thankful we are to you guys for the support , whoever streams or downloads the songs , and comes to the shows to see us!!! Hope to see you on the shows next year aswell!!

All the best for you guys, remember to rest and have great holidays with your friends and families!!!

-Sami ,Patrik , Jussi , Jaakko

sami osala