Here we go!

We are really excited to join Double Crush Syndrome’s tour!! Thanks a lot guys!!🔥🔥🔥 It’s been a fun period making the first demos and finally recording.. We are all old friends and have been playing a lot together years ago.... Then our ways separated for years, everybody has their touring main bands and all. But now luckily we had some time to put this band together!! At first we didn’t even know it’s gonna be a real band or an album would come out of this!!😊😊😊 And now it seems that we do have time to do this as a real band.    Everything is ready and at the moment we are looking for a company/ distribution to help us to get the album out in the stores.  But for now , we just enjoy the ride for these lovely 3 weeks and 4 shows! We are really happy about this , and are waiting for tonight a lot!!! See you there!! -SBE Boys-

sami osala