Back on track

We are on our way to Hamburg to play at the legendary Indra club!! Wow, feels good to be back on the saddle and get to play with the guys again. I got a serious cough for about 4 weeks, and right after the Essen show on Sunday I felt really bad.. On the next Wednesday I woke up and had a really high fever..

I went to see the doctor fo a couple of times before, but I guess it wasn’t the same bakteria yet, because it wasn’t this bad until now... Anyway, doc said I have to rest and lie down for at least two weeks..I got a pneumonia.  I got antibiotics and still have the medication on, but I feel almost 100% already.  

I hope I can get the energy to play like never before and blow up the g!&@*+mn roof tonight with the guys!! I know we’re gonna try anyway!!  

Hope to see you there screaming , dancing and partying tonight. I know it’s gonna be a great night!! 



sami osala