We are on our way back home from Berlin. Back to making some new music aswell as handling stuff and getting the album out from the nest :) We are really happy about the shows we did! And really happy about peoples reactions and of course, the fact that people showed up to see us!! Thank you!!

I’m happy we met the super super nice Double Crush Syndrome guys who gave us a chance to perform as a support band on their tour!! Thanks guys!! Hopefully we can make this again sometime, but a little longer!! 

We are gonna play some more shows as soon as we get the album and the video out! And we’re gonna have the record release party in Finland when the time comes. But I’m sure we’ll come to Germany and hopefully Switzerland and Austria aswell!! I can’t wait for that, and I hope that’s not gonna take too long. Just have to have some patience...

 - Sami 

sami osala