Record release gig

Wow wow wow!!! 🙏🏻I’m sitting, well lying down on my couch at home and thinking about last night’s show..We’ve had phone calls with the guys and friends the whole day talking about the gig and the whole last night. We want to Thank you people who came to our first show ever as a headlining band , that was also our record release show to our debut album! We did not expect the room to be this full of people.. It was also very nice to see a lot of old friends who took the time to see us!  We are truly thankful and really happy about the night! Also it means the world to us that some people came to see us even from Germany!! Wicked!!           We are definetily hungrier than ever now to play more shows for you guys and for us! I mean it took quite awhile to get the album released - that being said, we are really ready to play now!!!Out from the garage to the stage, LOUD!  Hope you guys liked our set and are also hungry for more!💪

I hope the winners got their messages.. wasn’t easy to reach people via intagram’s inbox etc, and I for one , don’t check my inbox very often. But in case you , who won tickets didn’t notice the message- don’t worry , we’ll settle tickets to another show! 

Anyways, thanks again! And stay tuned, little birds whispered that there is some news coming up......HEY HEY!!!!


-Very happy guys from Finland and Sweden! 

sami osala