Debut album!

Hi all!!

Phew.. The debut album is finally released! We are happy about it and couldn’t be happier about the nice comments we’ve had on it. We are also very happy ”Every picture tells a story” got it’s way to no.1 on the German Apple Music  ”Angesagt: Rock“ Playlist!!

Other playlists we got :

-Apple music’s ”Das beste der woche”:

-Amazon ”Taufrisch Rock” :

-Spotify playlists :

”All New Rock ”

”Uuden Musiikin Lista”

”Rock Ei Ole Kuollut”

”Rock Idag”

Also the reviews we’ve had so far have been great! Thank you!:

Remember to get your tickets to our record release show in Helsinki , On the rocks on February 13th!!

See you guys there!!!


Don’t let all the ants in your pants. It’s gonna be all right! We are not only living in the world of  generation snowlakes, we are also hard working people that needs a party every now and then, hallelujah to that! And hey , when you do go out remember - every picture tells a story , whether you are screaming at the disco at the month of June, or just getting your ducks in a row. It’s obvious you’re speaking volumes!  I s’pose it’s a shame if you can’t make it to Helsinki on the Feb 13th…Sorry…picked up the wrong date then…

So hey.. Sue me!!!  :=))))))


sami osala