Update news

Hi folks!

It’s been awhile since the last update news and that only means we are working a lot.. All of us have had quite a busy summer with gigs and we had a few SBE gigs for the summer. Which we are really happy, and yearn for more.. -Nothing ’s better that playing in a super hot rock klub with soaking wet t-shirt with your best buddies, right?? We surely love it!!

We have been also writing new material for the next album..well, maybe a single first.. or ep.. let’s see! But anyways, this journey has taken it’s first steps, and we can’t wait to see what’s there to come! 

We have been doing a couple of great shows , and are really humbled and happy that people has taken their time to come to check us out. We get the energy from you guys! If you rock, we rock mmkay?😎If you don’t , well we’ll try anyway!!😂

Next weekend (3.10.2019) we get to play in Tampere Lost in Music Festival, which is the first Tampere show for us! And we are really looking forward to that, Tampere rockcity!!

The next day (4.10.2019) we’ll rock Bar Loose as headliners in Kaaosklubi🙀🙀🙀Hope to see you there!! That’s gonna be really sweaty with 2 other bands playing that night! So, if you love rock ’n’ roll, join us for the great evening!! 

More news about the next single, gigs etc later... 

Thank you,

SBE Boys 

sami osala